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Abu Dhabi Court

Appeal No. 30 of 2008 S3 B.C.

Session 28/04/2009 Headed by Mr. Chancellor/Friend Abu Al-Hassan And the membership of the two advisors / Ahmed Aref al-Muallem Magdi al-Jundi. The government’s support…
Dubai Court

Appeal 43-53-56 for 1997

In the challenge of discrimination No. 43, 53, 56, 57 for 1997At the public meeting on Saturday, July 5, 1997Headed by Dr. Mustafa Kireh,…
Dubai Court

Invalidation of the inspection

In the 1995 Discrimination Challenge No. 9At the public meeting on Saturday, 24 June 1995Headed by Dr. Mustafa Kireh, President of the CourtAnd the…
Dubai Court

Appeal No. 101 of 2005

Appeal No. 101 of 2005At the public meeting on Saturday, 7 May 2005Headed by Dr. Ali Ibrahim Al-Imam, head of the departmentThe members of…

Master of Law.

I am a Saudi citizen who graduated 3 months ago from Australia and i am looking for a job in the office of Qanoni…

الفرق بين الشيك والكمبيالة

التعريف:الشيك : هو أمر من العميل إلى المصرف ليدفع إلى شخص المبلغ المدون في الشيك من حسابه الجاري.الكمبيالة: تعريفها كتعريف الشيك، إلا أن السحب…

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